Holding down a job while you’re pregnant isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But it’s more complicated than I expected it to be. You have to decide when to tell people. You have to plan for OB appointments. You have to check on policies for maternity leave. There’s a lot to do. Here’s what’s been the most work for me lately.

Morning Sickness

I never got any amazing advice for being sick at work. It’s frustrating to have to be at work when staring at the computer screen makes me nauseous… along with most everything else. I don’t have the option of…ahem…vomiting at my desk since I share the space with others.

Instead I’ve had to stay very in tune with my stomach and get up very calmly and stroll down the hall to the bathroom whenever it seemed like things were about to go badly. This could happen several times a day.

Still, I guess I’m lucky. I’m not far from a bathroom. I have good climate control in my workplace. My coworkers have been considerate about smelly food.

I wish I had some excellent advice. Sadly, it’s just powering through.

Always Feeling Hungry

My morning sickness seems to be pretty much ended. Now I’m consumed with hunger all day long. I eat. An hour later I eat again. And this continues through the day. I’ve started to feel awkward about how often I get up and return to my desk with food. Plus how unprofessional it is to be eating at my desk all day.

Oh, and there’s also the fact that I have so little time and energy at home that I always forget to bring food and have to pay out the nose for my multiple meals at work.

Today I’m trying a new approach of bringing in a multitude of snacks (granola bars, trail mix, rice cakes) and a couple of peanut butter sandwiches to help ward off hunger. I’d love to be able to munch on fruits, nuts and veggies all day but they it can take a while to cut up fruit and veg, or it costs extra to pay for pre-cut.

Still, I want to try and keep myself healthy at this particular point where I’m in danger of gaining a lot of weight really fast.

Maternity Wear

I was so excited about having a Winter baby. Now I’ve realized that maybe a Fall baby would have been a better idea. My summer pregnancy wardrobe has been a breeze. Loose dresses every day, so I’m comfy and cool. (Plus most of them aren’t even maternity clothes.)

But with cooler weather approaching I am going to have to get warm leggings or just wear some actual pants. Work-appropriate maternity wear is not that easy and I expect that by my last month I won’t care much about what I can wear as long as it fits over my giant self. For now, though, I’m going to make a shopping trip and invest in a couple pairs of decent pants.

Otherwise I’m hoping to stick to some simple tanks and tops that I can wear with my regular (unbuttoned) cardigans for cooler days. Maybe eventually I’ll have to get myself a couple of sweaters. I have no idea.

What’s helped you the most when pregnant at work? What are your favorite foods to bring? What is your go-to outfit?

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