Music can not only tell about feelings and evoke different emotions, but also have a direct positive impact on human health. It’s no secret that for a long time scientists have been conducting different researches in order to understand the effects of music on the human body and, in particular, on the child’s body, as kids are more susceptible to perception. You can just enjoy the music, you can relieve stress, improve performance, develop artistic skills and ability to learn, and most importantly, to treat children with physical and mental disabilities. Even in ancient times, many diseases were treated by the healing effects of music, but now, with the use of computer technology, music therapy is gaining a new popularity. It helps in almost all diseases of the nervous system: nervousness, neurasthenia, fatigue, insomnia, mental disorders, inappropriate respiratory pneumonia or other respiratory disorders. It is also great for those who suffer from diseases related to the psycho-emotional condition, drug allergies and other chronic diseases.

It is better to instill the love to music from a very early age. The scientists have proven that during the first three years of child’s life occurs the formation of the whole brain. According to the theory the first three years of life play a fundamental role in the formation of person’s mental abilities. The musical influence increases the hearing and visual sensitivity, improve mental processes of attention, perception, memory, regulates metabolic processes, the level of anxiety.

The music teaches the child not only to see, but also to repeat the seen, not only hear, but also represent what you hear. Consequently, the music develops all kinds of perception: visual, auditory, sensory, and all kinds of memory: visual, auditory, motor, imaginative, associative. Music develops associative imagination. Music teaches the child to work and develop, it brings patience, willpower and perseverance, enhances emotions gives special vision of the world. Music has a profound effect on the psyche and human health.

A musical activity helps the formation of rapid exchange of information, as it integrates both hemispheres. The music affects intelligence. For reference – Albert Einstein played the violin! The main goal of any musical activities is to develop hearing. However, there is another reason to pay attention to music. Scientists have proved that the development of a sense organ has a beneficial effect on human brain. So improving hearing, we can affect speech and visual perception.

Music helps in the formation of personality. Musical activities teach person to work in team (choral activities, orchestra, ensemble) and at the same time strengthen the self-esteem and develop leadership qualities. Music helps improve attention. That is why every child must be provided with all the necessary conditions to be able to attend music schools and play musical instrument he likes.


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