Hello Folks and welcome to another baby-related content, we will focus and learn the essentials things for proper crawling of the baby.

Developing a sense of direction in space, developing the motivation to move and developing sensory motor skills. Your baby will experience two stages in their ability to move in a circle and around their own axis.

This experience will begin as a passive one and later become an active one. Crawling exercise is a great way to spend quality time with your baby while learning some new moves. You can place your baby on your stomach, on a mat, with a toy or an object of their choice.

Try to lead your baby to turn around independently. Also turn the toy around your baby by teasing from the back, your baby will try to grab the object by following it with that hand until their body begins to rotate.

So crawling usually happens somewhere between eight and ten months, but nine months is probably the average time of when your baby will start to crawl. Now, crawling happens in stages, so first your baby’s kind of scooching, probably scooching backward before forwards, and then your baby’s scooching forwards.

And then your baby commando crawling. Commando crawling is when the knees and the shins are still on the surface, but the baby’s kinda moving in a commando- type position.

After commando crawling, the baby will start to get up on all fours, and initially, they’ll just start to rock. And then they may start to lunge forward, that’s probably about seven months, and then ultimately your baby will take off and start really crawling.

If you wanna encourage your baby to crawl more quickly, here are two tips.

One tip is that you can put a blanket underneath your baby on the floor on a hard surface and lift the blanket up a little bit, stand over them. For the baby, and put the baby on all fours. This will help them to get that all four crawling positions down.

The other thing you could do is you could try to encourage your baby to move. Put something interesting, an interesting toy, or even your face in front of the baby and kind of, encourage them to move along. Keep in mind that some babies never crawl, and this is.

It’s perfectly normal. Some babies go right from scorching, to pulling to a stand, to cruising along furniture, to walking.


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