Some moms ask when can their new baby start drinking water, usually you don’t want to give your baby water until he or she is about six months old and then even after six months baby only requires just sips of water until about one year old. Whenever baby’s tolerating whole milk and eating solid foods then they can drink as much water as they want.

What you really want to pay attention to is, how well the baby hydrated so, based on the baby’s hydration, on how many diapers they use in a 24-hour period, they are getting plenty of water through breast milk and then after six months the foods that you feed them. Most babies used about six diapers a day and what you also want to pay attention to is the color of the urine, that’s in the diaper if it’s watery looking and clear or just light yellow that’s good. If it’s apple juice color or dark yellow then you want to be concerned that your baby’s not getting enough fluid and you might want to talk to your pediatrician about that

Even many parents want to know if they can give their babies water before they’re a year of age this is a really good question it stands to reason that they would need water to stay well hydrated like you and I do but babies who are less than 6 months of age only need formula and breast milk and should not be given water unless directed by a pediatrician.

After six months of age, once solids have been well established it’s okay to give sips of water here and there especially in the summer months when it’s hotter and you’re worried about your baby staying well hydrated but formula and breast milk should still be the main form of hydration for your baby until a year of age and after that it’s whole milk your baby once they’re well-established on solids will also be getting fluids from the foods that they eat.

When Can Infants Drink Water?

  • For infants 0-6 months: No supplemental water
  • For infants 6-12 months: 2-Four ounces of water MAXIMUM. Most breastfed infants don’t want supplemental water—when you introduce solids you’ll be able to introduce water for apply and play. Components-fed infants might have somewhat bit extra water, however not more than Four ounces.
  • For infants and toddlers 1-Three years previous: Many specialists suggest 30-40 ounces of water, however that’s rather a lot for a toddler—particularly in case you’re nonetheless breastfeeding. Discuss to your pediatrician about what’s proper to your child.

In formula-fed infants, a couple of sips of water can offset constipation brought on by beginning solids. For breastfed infants, the somewhat little bit of breast milk earlier than or after a serving of solids may help with constipation introduced on by beginning solids, and is preferable to water.


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