Nutrition has a vital role to play in curing diseases. A faulty nutritional pattern would make organism week. It will lower down to resistance in the body. An elaborate process of healing mechanism runs within the body which can perform its essential and important functions only if the body gets nutritional factors.

Have you ever wondered why is nutrition important for betterment of your health? To maintain a good health continuously the most important thing that is needed is to have right kind of foods. Wrong kind of foods would be the single harmful factor for inviting diseases according to well known nutritionists.

Maintaining a balanced diet is important for:

  • Maintaining a good health
  • Preventing diseases
  • Healing diseases

To keep yourself healthy a human body works constructively always to build up healthy cells, tissues, glands and organs as nutrients lend helping hand to the human body. Without specific nutrients the body won’t be able to perform its functions, such as:

  • Hormonal
  • Metabolic
  • Mental
  • Chemical
  • Physical

In building and maintaining good health, food adds the most essential factors to the human body. It is due to the foods a human body gets the required nutrients.

Human cells need 45 chemical components and elements. All these required substances have to be present adequately in balanced diets. Besides water and oxygen, other nutrients (43) are classified into five main groups:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

All these 45 nutrients work in tandem. Make sure your body doesn’t lack any of these nutrients because absence of any of these cause a disease and ultimately will result in death.

An under supply of various nutrients would produce varieties of diseases according to research. Various factors are actually responsible for these nutritional deficiencies. Factors are:

  • Extreme processing of foods
  • Intense refining of foods
  • The time lag between harvesting and consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Materials used in
  1. Preserving foods
  2. Flavoring foods
  3. Coloring foods
  4. Bleaching foods
  5. Chemical fertilizers
  6. Fungicides
  7. Insecticides
  8. Sprays
  • Treating soil with:

Make sure to insist upon

  • Whole meal flour
  • Whole meal bread

Avoiding white stuff is also very important.

Provided that severe damage has not been done, the diseases which harm human beings due to absence of few nutrients together can be treated effectively by supplying nutrients adequately. For maintaining a good health and curing diseases, the most important and effective thing is to maintain a balanced diet. Foods should be prepared in a way that it combines all the required nutrients sufficiently.

Now take a look at what kind of diet can supply adequate amounts of nutrients.

Important nutrients in groups:

Group 1:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Grains

Group 2:

  • Vegetables

Group 3:

  • Fruits

These are the basic material which should be present in a balanced food. Foods with these would form an optimum diet for energy and strength.


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