Finding safe, natural morning sickness remedies

Morning sickness, like most things in pregnancy, is caused by an increase in hormonal activity. These hormones can have positive effects such as glowing skin and pleasant moods, but nausea during pregnancy is one of the downsides.

Why do some women suffer with morning sickness while some do not?

Morning sickness doesn’t always happen in the morning. It can affect you any time of the day. However it is more common in the mornings – hence the name.

How long does morning sickness last?

It should be well on it’s way out by the second trimester or around 12 weeks. Some pregnant women are unfortunate enough to experience nausea throughout their pregnancy but this is more unusual.

Some moms-to-be worry that their body is not producing enough nourishment for their growing baby. While it might seem sometimes that all the food you eat come back to visit, a surprising amount does get absorbed. Unless you have very severe morning sickness, in which case seek medical advice, you and your baby should be fine. Always make sure you have a nutritious pregnancy diet however.

The main danger of severe morning sickness is dehydration. Be sure to keep up your fluids even if you don’t always feel thirsty. Plain water or peppermint tea is recommended.

Knowing what causes morning sickness is one thing, overcoming it is a little harder. Medications such as Doxylamine or Zofran are often prescribed for severe nausea. These should be a last resort option if you are constantly vomiting and can’t even keep fluids down. Unfortunately the time morning sickness is at it’s worst is the same time that your baby is rapidly developing so be very careful what you taking during these first few weeks. Your baby is vulnerable to birth defects during this stage of development.

However you don’t have to suffer because there are safe options that will work just as well if not better. There are several morning sickness remedies which include various herbs that have stood the test of time. These are a more efficient and safer option than anti nausea drugs.

Native Remedies’ Good Morning Mama has been specially formulated for pregnancy and helps to safely settle the stomach, remove nausea and also reduce revulsion to certain foods and smells. You simply sprinkle the pleasant tasting granules onto your tongue – no need to swallow!


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