Using kajal or Surma in your baby’s eyes to form his or her eyes seem larger and exquisite is one in every one of the practices that are quite well-liked in Indian homes.

From up north to down south, as presently because the baby is born, elders within the family insist that once a kajal is in place within the baby’s eyes his or her eyes not solely become lovely they become slicker moreover. However, if you guide by doctors, the recommendation they furnish is to fully avoid it. thus let’s examine is exploitation kajal for your baby’s eyes safe or not? however, before we have a tendency to learn whether or not or not kajal is safe or not let’s examine what’s kajal or Surma?

What Is Kajal?

Kajal is nothing however a burnt residue of any oil burnt. whereas it’s thought-about that home-baked kajal is safe for babies, it’s a debatable issue as a result of the residue left once burning the oil is high in carbon and carbon is additionally not safe for sensitive eyes of a baby.

Is Kajal Or Surma Safe For Infants?

No, merely place kajal or Surma isn’t safe for infants. Why? as a result of kajal contains lead – a metal which will be harmful to your baby leading to irritation in his or her eyes and host of alternative infections like redness, styles within the eyes and prolonged usage of kajal might also have an effect on the vision moreover.

Whereas there’s a dialogue on home-baked kajal being safe for infants to allow us to tell you that, no even home-baked kajal, that is ready with utmost care, is additionally not safe for your baby. Why you’ll rise again? just because home-baked kajal contains carbon, that isn’t an honest product for your baby’s sensitive eyes. whether or not it’s Associate in Nursing Ayurvedic kajal or badam kajal for your baby’s sensitive eyes no kajal is sweet for your baby, thus avoid applying it within the eyes. you’ll be able to use home-baked kajal to use on the forehead or behind the ear.

Why will we Apply Kajal To Baby’s Eyes?

While there are not any scientific reasons or proof to validate any of the explanations behind applying kajal or Surma to the baby’s eyes, here are a number of the common reasons, your elders could especially emphasize on and a few of them is very humorous and simply a story.


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