You should know that when you get to pregnancy week 7 the baby gets slightly larger of about 13 mm, so we can say that he or she is of about the size of a raspberry.

Development of the baby during the 7th week of pregnancy

This period is extremely important for the development of the baby because this is the time when the facial characteristics of the little one begin to take shape. Even more, in case you were able to see the little one, you would see that his or her mouth slowly develops.

Inside the mouth there is also some development, meaning that the tongue also forms. Although until now the eyes have only been some dark spots now they become more human, through the development of the retina. The bone and muscle structure also develops in this period.

The internal organs of the baby also form during pregnancy week 7, such as the appendix and the veins. Of course, he or she makes some movements in the uterus that you don’t recognize yet.

Development of your body

Although you might not look pregnant during pregnancy week 7, for sure you do feel the effects. The easiest way to see the changes is to try on clothes that were comfortable until then; most probably they will feel a little tight now. In case you can’t button your pants anymore, you could use a rubber band to hold the pants in place.

The 7th week of pregnancy is the time when you see that your taste regarding food changes a bit. Also this is the time when the food cravings appear. In many cases the cravings mean that there is a deficiency of something in your body, so in case your cravings include fruits and vegetables, you shouldn’t with hold yourself from eating.

Also in case you are a vegetarian you shouldn’t get surprised if you are craving for meat, because red meat comes with a lot of iron.

Changes in the body of the mother

In this period some of the women experience severe headaches. As your pregnancy progresses you might see that the headaches get worse and worse. The good news is that these headaches get better after the first trimester.

But why do you have headaches? This is because the blood vessels thicken in the brain during pregnancy week 7 since your body creates more blood.

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