Some of the changes coming during pregnancy week 39 include the heart rate of the little one. Because of these changes in the majority of the cases the heart rate is closely monitored during the pregnancy.

What to know about the baby during the 39th week of pregnancy?

By this time you should know all about baby monitoring. Heart monitoring ensures you that the little one will go through labor without any problems and it also warns the doctor about any possible problems.

In the moment when the uterus starts contracting, usually the blood flow transporting the oxygen to the baby slows down a bit, but this is something normal and so it won’t cause any problems to the baby.

Nonetheless in some cases it is possible for the babies to experience fetal distress during the 39th week of pregnancy. This is caused by the fact that the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the neck of the baby for one reason or the other.

In case you are giving birth during pregnancy week 39, the doctor will monitor the heart rate of the baby through the entire process of labor. This is done with the help of an external belt that will be placed on your abdomen. This technique works somewhat similar to the Doppler ultrasound.

In some cases the doctors might also be using an internal fetal monitor that offers more accurate information. To use this kind of equipment, the doctor will have to place an electrode on your scalp.

Progress of pregnancy

The truth is that there isn’t much going on during pregnancy week 39. The majority of women are thinking a lot about the way the baby will be looking. We have to say that at this point not even genetics can tell the way the little one will look like.

Usually women say that the babies look a bit strange after getting born and it is difficult to tell who they take after until they are a few weeks old. In the majority of the cases the newborns have large heads, large abdomens and short necks.

You might know that no matter at what point the baby gets born, pregnancy week 39 or later, he or she will have a soft spot at the back of the head. This is still soft to allow for the head to grow. With time it is going to harden.

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