When you get to pregnancy week 38 most probably the baby will go on put on weight, but it is possible that he or she will not grow in length.

How is the baby developing during the 38th week of pregnancy?

As you might have seen, in this period the baby still gains weight, and so it is no wonder if you are doing so too.

After the little one gets born in the majority of the cases the team of doctors conduct the Agpar test, and a lot of times the parents are obsessed about it. This way the doctors can evaluate the overall health status of the newborn.

Such evaluations are performed twice: 1 minute after giving birth and 5 minutes after giving birth. There are some factors that the doctors take into consideration, including the color of the baby’s skin, heart rate, rate of respiration, overall reflexes and muscle tone.

The first test tells the doctor how well the little one has gone through delivery and the second one suggests how well the baby is adapting to the new life. In case the little one gets a low score that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with him or her, just that the baby should be monitored for a while.

How about your body?

During pregnancy week 38 most probably you are larger than before and in the majority of the cases the belly drops lower in this period. Also it is almost certain that the baby is already in your pelvis, and this might cause you quite some back pain.

When you get to pregnancy week 38 you can stop worrying about labor and delivery. Just remember that this could start at just any point, and this is why you should always have at hand the phone number of your doctor and also your delivery bag.

What do you need for that bag? The truth is that the needs that you have during the 38th week of pregnancy varies from one woman to the other, but for sure you will need a robe, lip balm, warm socks or slippers, toiletries, change of clothes, nursing pads and also some magazines for entertainment.

As you can see it’s not brain surgery to get to pregnancy week 38, but there are just some things that you have to prepare for, emotionally and physically as well.

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