The good thing about pregnancy week 37 is that the baby has reached the final stages of development and this is the time for you to enjoy your pregnancy because it won’t last much longer.

The development of the baby during the 37th week of pregnancy

From this week on you can expect to deliver any time. The doctors say that you are at full term, and this means that if the baby gets born most probably he or she will be healthy and strong.

Although this is an important milestone, the baby still grows and develops in your belly. He or she still gains weight, and the more the baby stays inside, the bigger and warmer he or she will be after getting born.

How’s the mother doing?

It is very likely that you have gained about 35 pounds until now. It is possible that during the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy you are going to lose a pound or two. This is absolutely normal and there is no danger for the baby. Just keep on having a healthy diet and remember to drink a lot of water and other fluids during pregnancy week 37.

Usually women in this period are more than excited about delivery and they would like to meet their child. In case you haven’t packed your bag yet, this might be the perfect time to do so. Also you may want to talk to your caregiver about delivery. You don’t have to be thinking about anything complicated, just a plan of how you would like things to be and what your preferences are.

Around pregnancy week 37 the caregiver most probably will ask you to have a group B test. This is a kind of bacteria that can be found around the vagina. About 35% of women have these bacteria at some point in their lives. Usually there are no dangers related to the bacteria, unless you aren’t pregnant.

In case you have these bacteria during the 37th week of pregnancy there are some chances that the little one will be infected when getting born. In many cases such an infection might be dangerous for the newborns, resulting in an infection of the bloodstream, meningitis, or affecting the lining around the brain fluid of the baby.

As you may see you have to be thinking about various aspects during pregnancy week 37.

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