Gaining weight is a job for the little one for a long period of time, including pregnancy week 36. At this point you might consider him or her a heavyweight champion.

How’s the baby doing during the 36th week of pregnancy?

Although at this point the main job of the little one is to grow and gain weight, we don’t have to forget about all the things that he or she has been up to in the past weeks, including developing internal organs, the reproductive system and other features that are going to be vital in the outside world.

Also you shouldn’t think that gaining weight isn’t important during pregnancy week 36. The more weight he or she gains, the easier it is going to be life for the baby. It will be easier for the little one to face the challenges of the outside world if he or she is reaching the optimal weight.

One of the most interesting things that you should know regarding pregnancy week 36 is that according to researchers, baby sends a signal to the body of the mother to trigger labor. Nonetheless the experts have different opinions regarding what triggers labor. Naturally there can be no certain answer for this since all babies and women are affected by different factors.

Some people say that when the baby is ready to get born it sends signs to the fetal adrenal glands. As a response these glands produce more progesterone and estrogen, signaling that the body has to start labor.

Other people are of the opinion that it is the baby’s lungs that send the signal. This signal and the presence of prostaglandin that trigger labor through preparing the cervix.

How about your body?

During pregnancy week 36 you may think that there is no way for you to go on growing, but it looks like the little one has other plans. It is very interesting to observe the growth of the uterus.

At the beginning it is about the size of a plum, and through it gets to the size of a larger melon. There is no other situation when the body changes this much. Even more, after giving birth, the uterus will return to its original size and shape.

When you get to the 36th week of pregnancy you could feel the baby dropping into your pelvic zone and you might already be thinking about giving birth, but you still have to wait.

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