The most important thing that happens to the baby during pregnancy week 34 is that there is more meat added to the bones. This way the little one will be looking more human while born.

Changes regarding the baby during the 34th week of pregnancy

When it comes to the weight of the little one you should know that there are several influencing factors. There can be some estimation made, but these aren’t 100% accurate. At birth the little one’s weight is usually between 6 and 10 pounds. Naturally this may vary according to the baby, and the size also varies.

There are a lot of women who think that they will know the size of the baby based on the last ultrasound that they have. In some cases the difference between the estimations and the real size can be of about 1 pound.

There are some factors that make the estimations difficult to make, such as the fact that it is difficult to estimate the weight of placenta and amniotic fluid.

Changes and development during this week

Your uterus still gets larger and you might see that you are smaller or larger than the other women during pregnancy week 34. You shouldn’t be worried about this aspect. The size of the belly doesn’t necessarily indicate the size of the baby.

Women who had relatively small bellies could deliver quite large babies. When you get to pregnancy week 34 you might feel a bit anxious and restless about meeting your baby. It is also common for women to be feeling anxious about delivery as well.

Other worries include the idea that the baby won’t fit through the birth canal. You should relax a bit, because there is no way for the babies not to fit through the pelvis of their mother, even if the pelvis is small. In case you are worried, you should talk to your health care provider regarding your concerns.

A lot of petite women worry during the 34th week of pregnancy that they won’t be able to deliver. You should know that there are many petite women who have delivered babies of 8 pounds or more, so this is no reason for you to be concerned. The same thing applies to larger women as well. Many people could be pointing out your size during pregnancy week 34 but this doesn’t mean a big baby.

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