It is interesting to know that the size that the baby has during pregnancy week 32 is going to be constant for the following few weeks. Nonetheless we have to add that the little one has grown a great deal.

How’s the baby doing during the 32nd week of pregnancy?

The actual growth and development of the baby never really stops, and so it is no wonder that the little one is getting ready for the life in the outside world. He or she puts on some weight and the cutest thing to know is that by this time the little one has fingernails and toenails.

Developments and changes in the mother’s body

By pregnancy week 32 the amount of blood in your body is about 50% more than before pregnancy. This is essential for the development of the baby. In the final trimester the majority of women gain about one pound each week.

In some cases the future mothers experience pain in their lower abdomen and in their buttocks, and this is caused by the fact that the center of gravity is shifting. This is why you should be really careful about slips.

The truth is that the majority of women are quite large at this point, especially if they are going to have twins. Your uterus is larger than even before and you might feel that the little one is putting more pressure on your abdomen during pregnancy week 32 than before. This is the reason for which you may experience indigestion and heartburn.

In order to have a healthy nutrition, you should have a lot of fiber rich food and also a lot of water or other fluids. This way you can avoid experiencing constipation and other side effects, such as hemorrhoids.

It’s not just the baby that is preparing for delivery during the 32nd week of pregnancy, but also your body. This is why the ligaments stretch, and this process will go on in the following weeks.

Preparing for delivery

In order to make sure that everything will be alright during delivery, you should make a plan. In the majority of the cases there are no surprises during labor, but in some cases unexpected situations might occur. This is why you should make some researches.

There is a lot to plan during pregnancy week 32 and during this time you also have to take care of yourself.

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