During pregnancy week 28 there are a lot of things going on with the baby, and you should know that by this time he or she is of about the size of a Chinese cabbage. As you can see the little one grows faster than you expected.

The development of the baby during the 28th week of pregnancy

The cutest thing that the little one is able to do at this moment is to blink his or her eyes. Even more, now the baby also has eyelashes. The eyesight of the little one is getting better and better and now he or she can sense the intensity of light that is getting through the wall of your belly.

The brain also develops, forming billions of new neurons. Also there is more and more body fat added.

The changes in the life of the mother

Pregnancy week 28 is an important milestone of your pregnancy, because it marks the beginning of the last trimester. During this time the majority of women gain about 11 pounds.

When you get to this point, most probably you are going to see your health care provider every other week. Later you will switch to weekly visits. Some of the risk factors could determine the caregiver to make you get different tests, such as HIV and syphilis. Doing cultures is also something common especially in case of gonorrhea and chlamydia to know about your health status before giving birth.

In case the glucose screening test showed high results before pregnancy week 28 and you didn’t have any follow-up tests, this is the time to take the three hour glucose tolerance test. In case the tests have shown that you are Rh negative, you will get Rhimmunoglobulin. This is done so that your immune system won’t attack the blood cells of the baby.

There is a new symptom that you have to face during the 28th week of pregnancy that is known as a ‘creepy-crawly’ sensation. This means that you feel the urge to move your legs even when you are trying to rest or sleep. In case you start moving you can temporarily get rid of the sensation, but after a while it comes back. This is known as restless leg syndrome, and nobody really knows what causes it.

To make pregnancy week 28 easier you could try massaging your legs and consume less caffeine.

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