When the baby starts to develop, there is no stopping, and pregnancy week 26 is no exception. The nervous system gets better developed, as well as the ears of the little one.

What other changes occur during the 26th week of pregnancy?

The ears of the baby get more sensitive than ever before, and so he or she is able to hear both your voice and the voice of your partner when you are chatting. In order to practice breathing, the little one inhales and exhales certain amounts of amniotic fluid that will help with the development of the lungs. Although this isn’t real breathing, it is just great for practice.

The little one gains more and more baby fat, and by this time he or she is of the size of a cucumber. In case you are going to have a boy, during pregnancy week 26 his testicles will descend, a process that takes about 2-3 days.

What about the mother?

Although there are a lot of things to do during this period, including taking classes, preparing for the arrival of the little one and also taking care of the daily chores, you should make sure that you have enough time to rest and that you have a healthy nutrition.

During this period you might have a slightly higher blood pressure, but it still isn’t as high as it was before you got pregnant.

There is a condition that could appear during pregnancy week 26 called preeclampsia. This is characterized by high blood pressure and a high concentration of proteins in your urine.

The symptoms of the condition include puffiness of the face, swelling of the eyes, swelling of hands, feet or ankles and fast weight gain. If your condition is more severe, there are some other symptoms as well that you could experience, including headaches, vision changes, pain in the upper abdomen and vomiting. Back pain increases because of the additional weight.

It is probable that you will experience back pain during the 26th week of pregnancy and this is because your center of gravity is shifting and also because your uterus is getting larger. Even more, now you have more weight to carry around and this puts more stress on your muscles and joints.

During pregnancy week 26 almost every activity can put a strain on your back, such as walking, standing or even sitting for a longer period of time.

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