When you get to pregnancy week 25 the baby is about the size of an average rutabaga, and although until now the little one had an elongated shape, pretty soon there will be some baby fat formed.

How’s the baby changing during the 25th week of pregnancy?

As it has been mentioned, baby fat is going to appear and this means that the wrinkles from the skin of the little one will be smoothed out. He or she will soon have the regular look of a newborn.

There is also more and more hair growing, and in case you would be able to see your baby, you could even tell the texture and color of it. Nonetheless this isn’t something visible on the ultrasounds.

What about the mother?

It’s not just the baby that is having more hair during pregnancy week 25, but you as well. This doesn’t mean that more hair is grown, but that you shed less, the hair sticks around for a longer period of time. All this is caused by the hormonal changes. You should enjoy this period, because the extra hair will shed after you give birth.

Another thing that you might observe during this period is that your movement changes and you aren’t able to move that gracefully. It is no time to stop exercising, unless your caregiver suggests otherwise. Although exercising is good, there are some safety rules that you have to keep in mind during pregnancy week 25.

You shouldn’t overwork yourself, and stop when you feel any kind of pain, dizziness or even shortness of breath. You should avoid lying on your back and don’t engage in any contact sports or sports that could make you lose your balance. You need a lot of fluids when working out and don’t forget about warming up and cooling down either during the 25th week of pregnancy.

Most probably during this period you have a glucose screening test, and also another test for anemia. In case you happen to have iron deficiency, the caregiver will advise you to take some supplements.

The fun part of pregnancy week 25 is that you can start to look for baby names. Although this is an important decision that you have to make, you could turn it into a family thing, and make the decision together with your partner and other family members.

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