You might have gotten used to the fact that the little one is continuously growing, and you shouldn’t expect this to stop anytime soon, including pregnancy week 19. In this period the baby is of the size of a coconut with the outer shell removed. His or her size will increase about 15 times until getting born.

How is the baby doing during the 19th week of pregnancy?

During this week the baby will start producing a sticky substance that will cover his or her skin to protect it against the watery environment. This substance is known as vernix. This will keep the skin of the baby supple and soft.

The brain also develops in this period, creating pockets that will specialize in smell, hearing, vision, and also touch. By this time the little one is able to sense sounds from the outside world, like your voice and also the voice of your partner.

In case you are going to have a girl, by pregnancy week 19 she produces about 6 million eggs, but only 2 million will remain until the little one gets born. Another thing that gets developed is the fingerprint of the baby. At this moment the baby is quite skinny, but more and more body fat is formed, and as the pregnancy progresses, the little one will become fatter and fatter.

What changes should you expect to see?

You should know that your center of gravity shifts during pregnancy week 19 and because of this fact that you are becoming heavier, you might experience back pain and discomfort. This is more severe is case of those women who lean backwards very often.

Another symptom that you could experience during the 19th week of pregnancy is dizziness. This usually happens in case you make a sudden movement. This is because of low blood pressure and also because you need to move accordingly to your increasing weight.

In order to avoid such symptoms you should make sure to drink plenty of fluids and you shouldn’t sit down or stand up suddenly.

Another feeling that you could have is a pain of the round ligament. This happens because the belly is stretching. This kind of pain could be dull or sharp. It is something to expect during pregnancy week 19, and to avoid worsening the pain, you shouldn’t make any sudden movements, in order not to make things worse than they are.

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