In the majority of the cases people compare the size of a baby to fruits, and during pregnancy week 17 the size of the little one is about that of a grapefruit.

Baby development during the 17th week of pregnancy

In this period the little one is quite active. There are a lot of movements that he or she makes, such as flipping and flopping, stretching and curling the legs and arms. Although women who are pregnant for the first time might not recognize these movements, more experienced mothers know them already for sure.

Until pregnancy week 17 the skeleton of the baby has been made of cartilage, and now this transforms into bones. It is interesting to know that the baby is mainly made of water at this point, but he or she also develops body fat.

At this moment the heartbeat of the baby could be strong enough to be able to sense it with the help of Doppler ultrasound. Just as before, the heartbeat is about twice as fast as in case of adults.

In this period the cutest thing that the baby can do is to open his or her mouth or to yawn when being sleepy. Also this is the moment when the baby starts practicing breathing. During the breathing the fluids get pushed out of the lungs. Now the little one practices the movement only from time to time, but as the pregnancy progresses, he or she will exercise more often, movement becoming a regular activity.

You should know that during pregnancy week 17 the baby is able to hear some of the sounds coming from the outside. This is why it is no surprise that in case there are some loud sounds, the little one will move or kick you. You may start getting the baby acquainted with your voice, talking to him or her as much as possible.

What about you?

During the 17th week of pregnancy you gain more and more weight, but still you would be able to hide your pregnancy for a couple of weeks. As it has been mentioned before, you may start feeling the movements of the baby in this period in case this isn’t your first pregnancy.

Nonetheless after pregnancy week 17 the majority of women experience the movements of the baby inside their uterus.

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