In the moment when you get to pregnancy week 15, you should know that the little one is about the size of a larger pear. Isn’t that cute?

How is the baby doing during the 15th week of pregnancy?

Although the little one is more human now than ever before, if you would be able to take a look at him or her, you would see that under the skin there are numerous blood vessels. You could see them because the skin of the baby is still very thin.

This is the week when lanugo starts to appear. This is a kind of fine hair that is going to cover the entire surface of the baby’s body until a couple of weeks before getting born. In some cases you can also see it after the little one gets born.

This hair covers everything, except for the palms, lips, soles of the feet, nail, penis or vulva, inner toe and finger. Those babies that are born before term are more likely to have lanugo than those getting born on term.

During pregnancy week 15 the bones of the baby strengthen and this process goes on for the entire period of pregnancy. This process is known as ossification.

This is the moment when the little one starts practicing breathing, with the help of amniotic fluid. Through this activity it is possible for the air sacks of the baby to develop. The cutest thing that can happen in this period is that the little one to start sucking his or her thumb. The taste buds develop on the tongue during pregnancy week 15 so the little one starts developing the sense of taste.

What should you know about your pregnancy?

When you get to this stage you might see that your abdomen is more bloated than before. When you go for a checkup to your health care provider, he or she will feel your uterus to make sure that things are going right. There are also some measurements taken to be sure that the baby is developing normally, and this is known as ‘fundal height’.

When you get to the 15th week of pregnancy you could start talking to the baby. The ears of the little one are developed enough to be able to sense certain sounds from the outside world, including their mother’s voice. You could read a book to him or her, or just talk about the things that both of you are experiencing during pregnancy week 15.

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