Pregnancy is one of the most interesting journeys that any woman could have, and it is good to know that during each week there are major changes happening regarding the baby, including pregnancy week 12.

Baby during the 12th week of pregnancy

This is the first week when the brain of the little one starts producing hormones and the nerve cells also reproduce at a very fast pace. In the brain, there are also brain synapses forming, and because of this the baby is able to feel certain kinds of pain.

One of the exciting things to know regarding this week is that starting now the baby could be making sucking movements with his or her little mouth. Also he or she is able to open or close the mouth. Now it isn’t that boring to be a baby, because the little one can be sucking, swallowing and yawning.

During pregnancy week 12 the kidneys of the baby could be developed enough to produce urine. At this time the heartbeat per minute of the baby is twice as fast as the heart rate of an adult, but this will slow down later.

This week also marks the moment of formation of the umbilical cord, that will get longer and longer with time. This has a major role to play because it supplies the placenta with nutrients and oxygen.

What happens to the mommy to be?

It is pregnancy week 12 when the majority of women finally start showing that they are pregnant. Although you can’t expect to have a huge bump, the belly that you have is most definitely noticeable. Nonetheless in case you have twins or multiples for sure your belly shows that you are pregnant.

During the 12th week of pregnancy the uterus pops, and it continues to grow during your pregnancy. A good thing about this week is that having a miscarriage from now on is very unlikely, so this might be the perfect time to tell the news to family and friends. Also this week marks the disappearance of the symptoms of the first trimester.

Symptoms during this week

The symptoms that you may experience during pregnancy week 12 include heartburn, skin changes, chloasma, and also acne. All of these are natural symptoms and you shouldn’t get alarmed in case you experience any of them. Still it is possible not to have any symptoms during this period.

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