By now you have probably seen those women of steel who can body build and do weight lifting while they are growing a tiny human in their bellies. While these women sure are interesting to watch any ‘normal’ pregnant lady will tell you that there just is just no way will they risk the lives of their unborn babies just for the sake of a great looking body and a few likes on their Instagram page.

It is important for pregnant women to stay active and fit so blood can circulate properly, so they can keep weight gain to a minimum and so they can stay full of energy and life. But it is also important to know what type of activities can put you and your baby in harm’s way.

If you are heading to the beach in the near future then these pregnancy safe water activities are great for having fun and staying active without risking your baby.


A bodyboard is a very simple polyethylene board that is designed to keep you afloat in water. These boards are incredibly handy when you are spending time at the sea. You can use your bodyboard to drift in the water, to paddle anywhere you want to go and you can even give bodyboarding a try if your pregnancy is not too far along for your belly to get in the way. On Churchill Fins Review you can check out the best bodyboards on the market. These boards are bound to give you plenty of functionality in any swimming pool or in the sea and sure will come in handy if you want to give bodyboarding a try after your baby is born.


Swimming in the sea is very healthy and the salt water won’t affect your pregnancy negatively at all. The only thing you need to mind is falling tired while you are taking a swim.

Swim with the sharks

Yes, you can do shark cage diving. It is a perfectly safe sport but if you are particularly frightened of confined areas and sharks then it is probably best to avoid this activity right now.


Paddleboarding is very popular right now and you should be able to find paddleboards for sale or rent at any given beach. Paddleboarding is graceful, peaceful, a lot of fun and perfectly safe no matter how big or small your belly might be.

Aqua Aerobics

You can safely enjoy aqua aerobic sessions that might be available in your region. The activity is great for calming your body and for keeping your body flexible.


Snorkeling is also perfectly safe during pregnancy but you should never snorkel too far out to sea or alone just in case you get tired.

Get a tan

What is a beach holiday without getting a tan? A little bit of fun in the sun is good for you and for your baby but be sure not to get sunburn or to get too warm. High body temperatures are not very good for your pregnancy and sunburnt skin is terribly uncomfortable while you are pregnant.

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