With the advancement of technology all over the world, we are getting exposed to extreme environmental hazards that adversely affect our health in numerous ways. Children are prone to these hazards for obvious reasons. To keep them healthy, their immune system should have enough strength to endure the adversities, and here the question of nutrition comes into play.

Nutrition is defined as the supply of required materials, especially food, to run the organism properly. This implies that, nutritious food intake is the most important part of your child’s well-being at present. It is seen that the children who are used to take healthy and nutritious food in their childhood, make it almost a habit for their entire life as well. It’s really important to know about the list of nutritious food for children.

Understanding your kid’s diet:

When the weaning stage is over, your child should be comfortable in taking normal healthy foods. At this stage and it becomes very important that your baby gets what is needed to stay healthy by other means. A good mix of carbohydrate, along with meat, fish, egg, cheese, green vegetables, and most importantly fruits are recommended at this stage. Fruits contain antioxidants which play a key role in immunizing your baby from infections, be it viral or bacterial.

Preparing a diet plan for your kid:

A diet made of wide variety of foods from all the food groups, when taken every day in different combinations, it ensures that the body is supplied all the essential nutrients in some form or other over a period of time. This way, you need not worry about the specifics from day to day. You just need to make sure that if your baby have three meals a day and three to four snacks in between, together those meals and snacks consistently contains fresh fruits, green veggies, cereals and grains along with some starchy foods like rice or pasta, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, milk and cheese, all in varying quantities. In this way, you are assured that if your baby skips one meal, or even all the meals in a day, his diet over a week or month will get him all that he needs. For example, to ensure he is getting enough iron, you have to make sure that he consumes foods rich or iron like spinach, broccoli, red meat, dried fruits etc. as a part of his daily diet, so, if he skips one meal, he will get the required from another food from another meal.

Ensuring proper diet:

It is commonly seen that mothers keep forcing their kids to eat food, as they are anxious about their baby’s health. But this is not actually required. You just need to ensure that whatever your child eats, it has proper nutritional values. Kids need nutritious food at the time when they start growing physically and mentally. It is highly possible that kids ask for food at times when they need it.

Advices your kid must follow:

  • A Balance of food intake with physical activity.
  • Diet chart which comprises of different kinds of foods.
  • Food contains enough calcium and iron, required for the body to grow in a proper way.
  • Food comprises of plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruits.
  • Required amount of Fat and cholesterol.
  • Foods with a lot of added sugar or salt should be avoided.
  • Avoid fast food, caffeine, synthetic juice, and soda.


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