Nonu Children Safe Baby Nail Clipper Cute Newborn Infant Finger Baby Clippers Scissors Baby Nail Care Nail Cutters (Random Color)

Price: INR 595.00 - INR 165.00
(as of Feb 26,2019 09:52:16 UTC – Details)

These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails. Balanced handle loops make these nail scissors comfortable for use by both right and left handed parents.

Choose the nail trimming time best choice or in the process of feeding the baby was sleeping.

if there is the dirt beneath the nail, unavailable file or other sharp things clean, after cut the nails used the water to wash clean.

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, after use please use paper or cloth will remain on the cutting edge of dirt rub-up.

Comes with a cover of shear, common protects the blade when not useBaby Special Scissors , both short and thin blade , can see baby’s nails when using the front end , very safe.
The front part of the scissors is round shape designed for infant safety
Stainless steel and plastic construction, won’t rust like others, easy to clean
Ergonomic handle for easier grip, fits comfortably into either hand
Stainless Steel, polypropylene BPA Free


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