Looking for newborn gift ideas that are both thoughtful and useful? We have suggestions, and ideas that are unique and helpful to the new parents, friends, relatives, and those special people we know as grandparents. If you’ve been invited to a baby shower, or if you are hosting a baby shower for a family member or friend, the question on most people’s minds is what does baby need now, in the near future, or as they begin to mature.

When you’re looking for just the right newborn gift ideas, we’re here to help. There are many choices of products for a newborn baby that can help the new mom and dad with all those daily caring needs. There are ideas that bring to mind gifts that are appropriate for either little girls or little boys, and, there are products, both store bought and handmade that encourage aspects of a child’s development as they grow and mature.

Here are a few newborn gift ideas for you to consider:

– Little shoes that either fit the baby now, or that they will grow into within the year.
– Organic baby gifts that will last for years.
– Baby high chairs that are solid and can be passed on to new generations.
– Baby blankets that are durable or that are handmade (we all probably know stories of favorite blankets that are cherished for many, many years).
– Stuffed toys that can be cuddled for years to come.
– Child room monitors so mom can always hear and respond to her babies needs.
– Sleepwear for new born babies, as well warm, flannel pyjamas that have cute little animals or cartoon figures as part of their design.
– Baby books full of short stories that both Mom and Dad so they can read to their child as they drift off to sleep.
– Strollers or baby carriages so mom can take baby for a leisurely walk.
– Safe car seats (be really careful selecting for proper safety).
– A supply of baby diapers (don’t forget this one).
– Baby diaper bags for daddies that are more masculine in color and design.
– An I-owe-you gift card that says one or two nights baby sitting given by family member.
– A month’s worth of maid service to clean the house after baby arrives home.
– Yard work performed in spring for free by family member or neighbours to help new dad.
– A set of blue prints or photos of hand made wooden toys one of which can be chosen to be made as a special present.
– A contribution of good old cash to be used as a new parent sees fit.
– A paid session with a child photographer where the parents can book a time now or in a few months down the road.

Some of these newborn gifts can be given at or near the time of birth of the new baby boy or girl, and some of these suggestions are more suitable as time goes on. If you know of a unique baby girl name that is part of your family circle, then you might want to find a specially hand made item with their name on it. You can decide which is best for the new family situation and you may decide that something special should be a surprise that comes to the new parents several months down the road.

Grandmothers, and there are many nicknames for grandmothers, often have a stash of special baby items around the house left over, or saved, from years gone by. But, they are also the ones, and grampies too, who seem to come up with just the right gift when it is least expected. Whatever you do, make sure that your newborn gift is useful to the parent in the care of their new infant, or is specifically suited to the mom or dad that can either make their first days or weeks a little less stressful or hectic, or can give new parents a breathter from the new and sometimes daunting task of caring for a new child.

We update newborn gift ideas on a regular basis, come back and visit with us again.

And, remember this; special things, items, products and offered help doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive. Shop around, look for bargains, and shop ahead of time if you know there is to be a new baby coming to a friend or family member.

Sometimes, you can come across some really good sales just when you think you don’t need to get anything for a prospective parent and you pass this bargain up.

Then, you find out a short time later that their is a pregnancy within your family or social circle. If you do buy ahead for those just in case situations, purchase something that does not degrade over a few months.


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