Newborn baby clothes play a very vital role after the birth of the child immediately, because it is for the first time the little one will start taking direct oxygen. The baby is completely moist with amniotic fluid since staying in the womb so drying the baby and warming him/her comes to utmost priority. The clothes required after birth are BABY SUITS, ROMPERS as rompers are very useful at the time of diaper changing, some short sleeves clothes followed by some long sleeve top, the hat for the baby to keep the forehead warm, mittens for the hand and socks for warming the feet for the newborn

  1. Baby towel: Drying up babies need hygienic towels so we must be careful choose the towel. The best brands recommended for the towels are Mothercare, Disney baby.

2. Hand sanitizers and wipes for keeping baby safe from any outside infections, its a medicated disinfectant which removes most of the germs from our hand on using. Before touching or handling goods for our newly born everyone involved in the act brands with top reviews are Himalaya, johnsons baby, Baby Ganics, Mamy Poko. Baby wipes are useful to use it. It also necessary to clean baby after feeding, vomit and stool discharge.

3. Baby warming: Since wet skin of baby looses temperature very quickly on an average of 2 to 4 degree due to staying in the womb in amniotic  fluild  ,so we should be ready with body warmers specially in clothes category like a soft full sleeved shirt or a t-shirt,socks,woolen hat,sweaters,baby blanket  as per weather condition,since radiant warmers and incubators are avialable in the hospitals itself for the babies,brands catering baby warming clothes are …..

4.Nursing pillows are also of utmost importance to support the newly born baby for starting breast feeding from the mom,those tiny little babies need good support to start the feeding process

5.Infant bottles: We must be ready with bottles for the new born with proper nipples

6.Bottle sterilizers,brush for bottle cleaning,nipple cleaning brush,bottle warming covers,carrier bags

7.Nursing bras and gowns for mother

8.Small and soft napkins for baby in order to clean burp,nose,hands

9.Quick drying bed protecting sheets are also easily avialible nowadays which plays a very vital role in protecting our babies from getting completely wet with urine or stool.And similarly protects the cot and the bed to get wet,it soaks the water very quickly,there are many brands avialable for the same….

10.Mosquito nets should also be there so there is no chance of any kind of mosquito bites for the little ones

11.Baby lotion,baby oil,baby powder must also be present in our baby kit.

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