The Uterus is an important part of a women’s body and one of the common problems that many women face is the inflammation of the uterus. This problem can be both chronic and sensitive. Therefore it is advisable to take the right medication at the earliest to avoid serious health problems. The inflammation of the uterus is also known as Endometritis and occurs when the delicate inner lining membrane gets affected. Read this and learn about the causes, symptoms, and the treatment of the problem.

As mentioned above, inflammation of the uterus or endometritis can be both sensitive and chronic. Before understanding the real causes of the problem, it is good to understand the difference between acute and chronic endometritis. The pointers discussed below can help you understand the difference between the two.

Acute Endometritis:

Acute or sensitive inflammation of the uterus is usually characterized by infection, which can happen due to several reasons such as delivery problems, abortion, and medical instrumentation. Patients suffering from acute endometritis show symptoms of high fever and vaginal discharge containing pus. In addition, women experience heavy bleeding during menstruation. Women are advised to consult a doctor to find an appropriate solution and get rid of the problem at the earliest.

Chronic Endometritis:

In most cases, chronic endometritis is described with the presence of plasma cells in the stroma. Today, there are several cases of endometrial biopsies caused due to irregular bleeding. Patients suffering from chronic endometritis also have increased chances of having an underlying cancer and many doctors suggest antibiotic therapy for the problem.

Causes of the Inflammation of the Uterus:

  • One of the main causes of the inflammation of the uterus or endometritis is the medicines that trigger menstruation.
  • This problem can happen if a woman is exposed to extreme cold during her menstruation cycle along with other factors such as using medications causing evacuation of the guts, use of irritants for abortion, too much of sex, and placing preventives.
  • Women who are engaged in continuous physical activities such as cycling, horse riding, dancing, etc can suffer from this problem, as this can lead to the dislocation of the uterus.

Symptoms of the Inflammation of the Uterus:

The symptoms of endometritis vary from person to person, as well as on the condition such as acute or chronic inflammation of the uterus.

  • Women suffering from acute endometritis show symptoms of slight fever, headache, less appetite, itching sensation on the vagina, pain in the back, and in the lower abdomen.
  • There are other symptoms such as nausea, breathing problems, increased pulse rate, and discharge.
  • The symptoms of chronic endometritis are somewhat similar to chronic endometritis but one of the main problems is the passage of yellow and solid substance, which can result in infertility.

Many women suffer from chronic endometritis, which can happen due to several reasons such as constipation, less energy, back pain, weakness, irregular menstruation, and abortion.

Treatment of the Inflammation of the Uterus:

Women should consult a doctor and it is advisable to look for natural care before taking any medications. To deal with the problem, many health experts suggest purification of the blood, strengthening of the nervous system, and elimination of the water deposits accumulated in the body. Some of the natural treatment for this problem has been discussed below:

  • If the problem is due to the exposure to cold for the duration of menstruation, then women are advised to take a hot foot bath and cold foot bath to help them deal with the problem. It is advisable to use both cold and hot water, which can be changed at regular intervals for positive results.
  • Women suffering from this problem can change their dietary habits by consuming lots of fruit juices along with vegetables, nuts, and grains. However, food products such as white flour, meat, oily food, etc. should be avoided
  • Another good way of dealing with the problem naturally is by doing yoga therapy and physical exercises.


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