Su Jok remedy is a strong discovery by a Korean scientist Prof. Park Woo, who after a few years of medical expertise developed a brand new acupuncture system utilizing simply arms and toes. Su Jok is simple to study and the velocity of response is usually dramatic.

If you’re making an attempt to conceive and failing then Su-Jok medical care beyond question are an honest different to use whereas making an attempt to conceive.

The treatment have their origins in Korea. It offers powerful treatment and stylostixis techniques the actual hands and/or the limited feet solely. The sole condition is you wish to understand the points on your hands and feet that you wish selling and advertising stimulate.

Professor Pack (the creator for teenagers method) found an entire correspondence concerning body organs on our feet and hands. Proactive organs even have several corresponding points on the hands and feet and by stimulating them we are able to increase your fertility.

Often, physiological state isn’t happening, as a result of different issues in your system different organs will malfunction which can facilitate woman from conceiving, may be malfunction of the thyroids, pancreatic, ductless gland or one thing else.

All these will attend stirred up with Su-Jok medication. the sole factor you ought to apprehend is that the corresponding points to shop for a problematic organs you choose. once leveling these organs a physiological state typically happens quickly.

To learn the corresponding points for every organ and body elements you want to see them on a brand new schematic image. However I will be able to currently counsel to a brief description of wherever crucial fertility points area unit.

For the fundamental fertility stimulation make certain you stimulate the womb together with a ovaries. For men make certain you stimulate the male genital’s comparable points and prostate.

The Ovaries corresponding points is at:

– the bottom throughout the third and therefore the fourth toes of any foot.
– close to rock bottom of the third and therefore the fourth fingers for every hand.

You can stimulate in conjunction with purposeone thing sort of a point of a pen but it should not prick the follicles. you’ll additionally stimulate these seeds, blunt needles and/or force field. of these strategies area unit powerful a neater time locating them often.

Uterus corresponding points is at:

– slightly below the purpose wherever the third and masses fourth fingers be a part of.
– slightly below the purpose wherever the third and masses fourth toes be a part of.

The approach of stimulation is sometimes you probably did to induce the ovaries.

Male genitals and prostate corresponding points is at:

– close to the change of integrity origin of the third and therefore the constant fourth finger.
– near the change of integrity purpose of the particular final and therefore the fourth foot.

All of the oft solely basic ways that of stimulation determined by Su-Jok medical care.

For people who ought toneed to try and do it in an exceedingly additional serious approach make certain you recognize that in Su-Jok medical care there’s 2 correspondence systems: the correspondence system and therefore the years have “insect” corresponding system. The points i discussed higher than area unit computer main corresponding system. The points of and was the “insect” corresponding system would be in several location. however this can be really a additional advanced strategy.

To come across, Su-Jok medical care may be the simplest approach for somebody to stimulate their fertility and pregnant abundant quicker than they might by doing nothing or taking deluges of medication.

It’s fun to exercise and fully harmless. it’s additionally the simplest thanks to find out how everything is interconnected within the giftbody. Ignoring this link could also be the wrongdoer in sterility to receive couples and why they still struggle to supply a family.

The primary benefit of this technique is that it may be used effectively at house by individuals by themselves in the event that they know the corresponding factors on their arms and toes.

By corresponding factors I imply particular factors in your arms and toes which correspond with physique organs. By stimulating these factors you possibly can enhance the operate of any organ together with sexual and reproductive organs.

It was discovered that Su Jok may very well be very efficient for gynecological issues together with stimulation of fertility in women and men.

To get pregnant quick in line with Su-Jok remedy, you principally must stimulate fertility factors in your arms or toes. Additionally, it is best to stimulate the corresponding factors of different organs which can cease you from turning into pregnant.

For instance, if thyroid issues cease you from getting pregnant it is best to stimulate their corresponding factors in addition to the corresponding factors of the reproductive organs.

From a sensible perspective Su-Jok has two corresponding system:

– Essential corresponding system
– Insect corresponding system

If an organ is unwell or not functioning correctly, it will likely be represented as a degree of ache underneath strain on the arms and toes. The ache is there as a result of on the purpose that corresponds to the organ, a small quantity of lactic acid is current.

The purpose of ache could be pinpointed by a pointed blunt instrument, similar to a tip of the pencil or particular diagnostic probe, nevertheless it shouldn’t pierce the pores and skin.

To grow to be pregnant quick the most typical organs for Su-Jok stimulation are the uterus and ovaries.

The Uterus corresponding factors are positioned:

– on the arms – between the third and the fourth finger,
– on the toes – between the third and the fourth toes.

Ovaries corresponding factors are positioned:

– just under the bottom of the third and the forth fingers,
– Simply on the base of the third and the forth toes.

To search out the precise spot it’s all the time higher to see a schematic image of the factors on the arms and the toes.
In Su Jok literature, there are examples of fibroid of the uterus disappearing after three classes (three days of therapy) and the girl turning into pregnant straight after that.

Extreme circumstances of endometriosis have been cured with Su-Jok and women had been in a position to conceive quickly after that.

Instances of unexplained infertility could be simply assisted with Su-Jok remedy. For unexplained infertility it is best to stimulate the factors of the uterus and the ovaries collectively.

The factors could be stimulated with the purpose of a pen or pencil, seeds, or magnets.
To conclude, our investigations show a excessive effectiveness for the Su Jok technique to cope with problems of the reproductive organisms in each sexes.

The tactic is totally protected, has no problems and could be really useful to anybody who desires to enhance their reproductive operate naturally. There isn’t any contraindication with Su-Jok remedy and it will possibly complement another remedies.

Turning into pregnant with Su Jok is enjoyable and simple.


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