How long does it take to get pregnant is the first question on the couples mind, whenever they decide to start a family. It’s a fairly common question as women trying to get pregnant. Getting pregnant varies from person to person but depends entirely on not just one but too many factors combined together.

The time taken for a woman to get pregnant is unique and would not be the same in two different women. It is a fact that you will have approximately 25% possibility of having a baby if you are healthy and do not have any fertility problems. According to medical statistics, it takes about 6 months of trying before a woman gets pregnant.

Couples are normally only regarded as infertile after two years’ time of failing to get pregnant. Almost ninety five percent of couples will manage to get pregnant within the first two years.

What Affect Fertility?

Pregnancy occurs easily for many couples, but others find that they need to expend more time and effort due to any number of potential issues.

  • Age is affecting a large number of couple’s ability to conceive. Older females are likely to have lowered probabilities of pregnant even if they have normal menstrual cycles. Women have a lifetime supply of eggs when they are born and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Woman over the age of thirty-five her chances of getting pregnant are barely one-third of what they were in her twenties. Age isn’t just a factor for female fertility, but also male fertility.
  • Putting too much stress and pressure when trying to conceive. Couple should relaxing and enjoying the natural process, increase their anxiety about conception, often makes the situation worse.
  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking are both known to have an adverse effect on fertility. Couples who drink, smoke or take drugs are more likely affected by infertility. Cutting out drinking altogether will help trying to conceive by up to 60%.

Pregnancy really does not happen according to desire, but it occurs when numerous biological factors are perfect. Nature is strange in many ways, and this most certainly is true when it comes to pregnancy and everything that goes along with that.

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