There are a variety of meals which you need to keep away from giving to your child till she or he has reached sure age. A few of these meals might trigger a sure well being danger whereas others trigger allergy symptoms. On this article I’ll listing merchandise that are higher to keep away from whereas feeding your child. After all seek the advice of along with your pediatrician in an effort to get extra info. Citrus or different acidic fruits for instance are usually not allergen however they might trigger digestive upset or rash. One other product to keep away from is entire milk. Lactose and milk proteins might trigger allergic reactions and will trigger tummy troubles as a result of they’re somewhat onerous to digest. So do not introduce entire milk as a substitute for breast milk or system. The one exception is yogurt and a few cheeses. They’re cultured and simpler to digest.

Grapes for instance can pose a chocking hazard and you must be very cautious once you give it to your child. It’s higher to introduce grapes after one yr. Honey ought to be prevented till at the least one yr of life. It isn’t an allergen however might trigger botulism. One other meals to keep away from are peanuts, shell fish and strawberries. Infants beneath the age of 12 months can undergo tummy upsets or rashes on account of acidity. Peanuts can pose chocking hazard. Some meals produce other unwanted effects. For instance broccoli is thought to trigger gasoline in many individuals and it’s higher to not feed child who’s 6 months previous with it. Beans are additionally to keep away from.

Right here is the listing of merchandise to keep away from:

Honey will be launched after one year.

Tree Nuts will be launched after one or two years.

Peanut Butter will be launched after one or two years.

Uncooked Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries will be launched after one year.

Citrus or Acidic Fruits will be launched after one year.

Entire Milk – will be launched after one year.

Corn might trigger allergen response and it’s does not have a variety of nutritious values. Will be launched after one year.

Egg White will be launched after one year.

Grapes will be launched after one year.

Wheat will be launched round 9, 10 or 1 yr. To study extra, seek the advice of with pediatrician.

Chocolate will be launched after one yr however we do not advocate to present your child chocolate.

Shellfish/Crustaceans will be launched after one or two years

Earlier than introducing sure meals to your child, you need to seek the advice of it along with your pediatrician.


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