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FARETO presents baby 3pcs suit,if you are just about to have baby go for this dress supported with fabric from FARETO the baby store,this dress are superbly designs for your tinny one’s that you can use this dress from birth itself and have multi colors pack of 6 suits,Tap beautiful pictures of your tinny one’s and let them share. Save girl child.Contains: 6 baby front open hosiery cotton shirts, 6 baby tying caps, 6 baby single layer nappies, total items: 18
Material: hosiery cotton, soft, comfy and skin friendly, note- colors and designs may sightly vary
Benefits: front open shirt are easy to use for your tinny ones they can be easily open without any harm to your tinny one’s skin, tying cap and nappies are easy to wear and comfy for your tinny one’s
Suitable size: 0-3 months of baby(SIZE-L-10INCHS, B-8INCHS) 3-6 months of baby(SIZE-L-12INCHS, B-10INCHS), from direct factory to your door step in minimum range with dress for your baby


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