Chicco Baby Massage Oil 200 ml-Pack Of 2 Pcs

Price: INR 598.00 - INR 549.00
(as of Jan 28,2019 04:39:07 UTC – Details)

Your baby has extremely delicate skin, so when you are choosing a massage oil for your little angel, make sure that you select the best one. When it comes to baby products, Chicco provides you nothing but the best. The massage oil for babies from the house of Chicco, is a skin soothing massage oil that ensures highest comfort level to your little one and provides nourishment. The product is ideal for daily use for your newborn. The Chicco massage oil contains rice bran oil that absorbs easily into the soft skin of your baby. The goodness of the rice bran oil nourishes the skin of your newborn baby thoroughly, keeping it healthy and glowing. The oil is mildly scented and it makes your baby fall asleep slowly by soothing its senses. The rice bran extracts are extremely beneficial for your baby’s skin. The product can be used daily on the newborn babies. The Chicco massage oil for babies is clinically tested and free from harmful chemicals, dyes or preservatives that can cause skin irritation, rashes or even allergies. The product comes in a bottle of 200 ml and is alcohol free. It can be conveniently carried anywhere. The Chicco massage oil works gently on the sensitive skin of your baby and contains no paraffin or petroleum. The Hypoallergenic formula of the Chicco massage oil prevents skin allergies. It is recommended for babies, toddlers and even grown-ups. The product is characterised with safe properties that nourishes your baby’s skin and makes it velvety soft. So you can now buy the Chicco Massage Oil and provide your baby with a softer, suppler and healthier skin.Thanks to the formula with rice bran oil, it makes the skin smooth and velvety soft It is also recommended to remove cradle cap Quickly absorbed
Contains no preservatives, no parabens, dyes and alcohol free and clinically tested on sensitive skins
Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies)


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