Yes, it is tenacious seeing your kid’s face burn to red by the scorching, cruel rays of sun, but its nature. Whatever it gives, we have no option but to accept it.  Though you can’t fight Mother Nature, you can scare the burns off. The same Mother Nature is going to put you out of misery as a mother. We are merely pointing out a few such remedies offered by the nature herself to fight against unwanted brown spots on kids skin.

The sunburns on your kid’s face are due to hyper-pigmentation. The word suggests that it is simply excess accumulation of melanin pigments on face. But, if ignored, these can lead to permanent freckles. So, start taking care since day one.


  • Don’t use any spray or ointment with benzocaine contents. It may result in more irritation.
  • Wash the affected part of body with cold water.
  • Apply some rosewater or sandalwood paste for immediate relief from the burning sensation.


  • Don’t use warm water while bathing if the burns are fresh.
  • Soap should be completely restricted.
  • Don’t rub the face or other affected regions with clothe or any material.
  • Don’t let the kid stay in water for longer. Only 8-10 minutes of soak would be enough to cool the body.
  • Don’t rub the face with towel. Rather simply pat with a light cloth smoothly.


You might feel like relieving your child of the suffering immediately and apply some products that declare themselves as pain-relievers. But don’t believe in those.

Avoid applying petroleum based gels or creams, as they bar heat and sweat out of the skin of your child. It will result in additional complicacies.


Soak a piece cloth in cold water and put the cloth on the region of burn and let the soak cloth moisturize the burnt area and it will reduce the pain. Do it regularly in every 15 minute.


Try using only lotions or gels based on water.

It will be best to use aloe Vera gel on your kid’s skin. It will really help him by reducing the brownness of the spot. The aloe-gel will diminish the irritation as well.


Choose breathable cotton clothes for him/her. It is better to expose the burnt area to air. Don’t let him/her wear tight trousers or shirts.


Apart from external sources, your kid needs internal supply of moisture. Make him drink excess water so that both internally and externally, the burns will have enough moisture.


Dip a cloth or use a sprayer to spray natural vinegar on the burnt region. Let it trickle and dry. On the highly burnt spots, do it again in a few minutes. It is really effective for the sunburns.


If the burnt spot is dark and it is not getting better, then apply vitamin E oil on the spot and rub it gently in such a way that it gets deep into the skin. The skin will get lighter.


Don’t let your kid go out into sun again until the burn gets better.

Afterwards, don’t forget to put good sunscreen lotion on his/her body with SPF at least 15.

Here is a word of caution for too much caring mothers. Although you would hate to see your kid in that condition again, you should let him get into sun at least for 15 minutes a day. Not in the midday, still you should let him have sun rays early in the morning within 9 a.m. Let’s not forget, vitamin D that you get from sun rays is very important for the kid’s growth and immunity.


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