Breastfeeding your child is considered as the most important activity which you need to perform after your child is born. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to breastfeed the child for at least first 6 months after her birth. After that, the intake of solid food material and other baby food items is allowed. The breastfeeding can also continue post 6 months along with other baby food diet for as long as the baby and the mother wish to continue.

New moms generally get tired and short of energy most of the times during the day. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding your child demands extra calories from their body. This can be fulfilled by keeping a healthy and nutritious diet throughout the day, in fact, in taking 300 to 500 calories extra than the normal diet. Eating healthy, nutritious, fresh food and avoiding too much of caffeine and alcohol will provide your body with the desired nutrients and the fuel to keep up your body charged throughout the day.

It is also essential for you to monitor your baby at all times because children at the early age tend to get irritated and scared at times. For this, one can choose the best baby monitor available in the market which helps raise an alarm when your infant needs you. Watch My Tot will help you in the selection process.

Also, make sure to note down the type of food you intake while in your initial months of breastfeeding. The type of food you intake will reflect on the health of your baby. If you notice any issues in the health of the baby, try and relate it with the diet you are having throughout the day. Review it and eliminate that food item from your diet that might be causing health issues for your baby. For instance, if your baby is getting more fussy and gassy at times, it means she is experiencing digestion issues. Review your food journal and try to eliminate food items from your diet that might cause digestive disorders. This is a bit painful but you need to bear with it during the initial months of breastfeeding your baby.

Avoid food which you think may affect your baby’s health. You can search on the internet or consult your doctor for the list of such food items which might interfere with the baby’s health. Two such items which need to be controlled strictly are caffeine and alcohol.

While many mothers have already waited for nine long months of pregnancy before they can actually gulp a glass of wine, some wish to take it in limited quantity even during their initial months of pregnancy. However, Chronic Drinking of Alcohol during pregnancy can lead to birth defects, disability and other disorders in newborns. Chronic drinking is also not advised for breastfeeding mothers as it reduces the amount of milk production in the body thereby reducing the amount of milk intake by the baby. If you are very particular about your one glass of drink, it is advised to nurse before you go for that one glass of wine or drink. If you wish to nurse your baby after your drink, it is advised to wait for at least two hours before your one glass of drink. The number of waiting hours is proportional to the number of drinks you intake. So if you have 2 drinks, you are advised to wait for 4 hours before nursing.

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