With the technological improvements, scientific researches and medicinal advances, we have started suspecting even the way we breathe. But you are not the one to blame. Our ambiance and habitat are not as chaste and genuine as they used to be. This is the reason behind your disbelief in the water you gulped or the air you inhaled. And being a mother is the most benevolent and significant decision that you have taken so far. You must be surrounded by anxiousness and blissfulness at the same time. For a starter, don’t suspect your decision; you should talk to your mother, your friends who have gone through this and make your mind settled. Once you are done with the dubious side of your mind, you can start reading the article further right away.

There are so many things that you wish to be aware of and there are so many questions storming your head right now. We have tried to resolve some of those and suggest you a few things which you should make a habit of in order to have a baby.


Many times people have a misconception that all the care that a person needs to take must be taken only during the nine months period of gestation. But that is not so correct. You need to be well attentive and careful not to hurt your upcoming baby ever since you are planning to become a mother. And you must inform your partner that he can’t be as casual regarding parenting as he used to be in every other matter.

Beginning with a few alterations to be brought about in your daily life, here are a few suggestions that can be of help while attempting to conceive a baby:


Smoking is a strict no for a woman trying to conceive and be a mother. It could be a good occasion for you to start giving up such damaging habits of yours.

To let you know, smoking can significantly reduce your hopes to be a mother. It can also result in many bad consequences like miscarriage, pre-term labor. Innocent, little creature of yours, growing in your womb would face problems due to your own obsessions.

Not to mention what alcohol can do, even caffeine is harmful for you if you take more than 8 cups a day. It will lead to miscarriage.


Your diet plays a major role in maintaining the health of you and your upcoming baby. So, try to cut out the junk you used to eat whenever you were upset; because if you continue, this is going to upset you even more.

As you are trying to conceive, it is important for you to consume the food which will enhance your fertility.

Folic acid is very important for you. You need to eat food with folic acid; it will take care of vitamin B contents in your body. Your intake should include eggs, flesh and vegetables. You can also have a medicinal intake of vitamin-B through capsules.

You must eat food covering every major food groups. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and fish are very useful for you.


Not always a wish to do things is enough, once you have determined to be a parent, learn to give things up and bow to obstacles incoming.

While trying to conceive, it is not good for you to remain as stressed as you were earlier. Practice yoga or meditation to keep mind sound and stress-free.

You can’t achieve things by worrying rather you make them worse by doing so.

As far as health is considered, you have to be of correct weight while trying to be pregnant. After being pregnant you can’t exercise to be slim or fit all of a sudden.

Also you should know neither an obese nor an underweight woman make good mothers.

Obese women have risks of hypertension, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. And for an underweight, it is even hard to conceive, even if she makes it up at the time of delivery, baby will be of low birth-weight or will have ill-health.

So, if possible grow into fit frame first and then try. Otherwise, you can consult your doctor for further suggestions.


Have you ever wondered how does it all happen inside your body? You might not have till now. But now as you are going to be a mother, you must be excited to know how the cell of life forms and how come you are in-charge of such major responsibility.

A woman goes through an ovulation stage every month and the 3-4 days before the day of ovulation together with day of ovulation itself are called ovulation window or fertility window. These are the days when a woman is most susceptible to becoming pregnant.

In the ovulation stage of female menstrual cycle, the egg is released from an ovary. It then passes along the fallopian tube till the end, where it awaits sperm. If the sperm does not reach within this duration, the egg is destroyed (the days of menstruation).

When a man and woman come together and make love to each other, semen of the man enters into the vagina of the woman. This sperm which enters the fallopian tube through vagina can be implanted 3-4 days before ovulation. Construction of the membrane of fallopian tube makes sure that the sperm can survive at least 5 days inside the female body.

Once the day of ovulation arrives and the egg gets released, the egg fuses with the existing sperm in the fallopian tube and the process is called fertilization. The product is zygote (the smallest human form).

When the zygote divides further, an embryo is formed. This embryo grows and takes human form gradually. But prior to that, the zygote needs to be transported to uterus along the fallopian tube.


Yeah, though you know literally how to get pregnant, but here are a few things that you must keep in your mind and follow them while trying, so as not to let the efforts be futile. Some of these things could be unknown to you and others could be just overlooked by you.


Although most of you are aware that you don’t need the birth control pills anymore, some of you are so habituated in taking those that you keep continue taking those.

You have to stop taking the pills long before (at least a month) you are trying to be a mother.

Also stop any progesterone supplement to regulate your menstrual cycle again.


Once you have taken care of the above step, it is time that you recognize your day of ovulation. For the first month after regularizing your menstrual cycle, you might miss your most fertile days (3-4 days till the day of ovulation), but from next month onwards you can keep track of those.

Find out your ovulation cycle (link it to the paragraph below “catching your day of ovulation”). And the days before ovulation are best time to try.

According to a research study in the journal of Reproductive Medicine, the day of ovulation, as opposed to what most consider, is not the most fertile day. The effort will be successful only if the sperm reaches the fallopian tube before the female egg is released, which happens on the day of ovulation. So, the intercourse should occur on a day before the day of ovulation, but it should also be able to survive till the day.

Thus, all the 4 days before the day of ovulation are very useful days for the couples, trying to have a baby.

But don’t have sex restlessly. Just twice a day in the week preceding ovulation would be productive. High frequency of sex could lower sperm count in men and the effort would not be that effective.


Try avoiding lubricants to make the intercourse more successful. These could be of negative impact sometimes.


Here are a few tips which may not be scientifically proven advices, but they won’t have any harmful impact on you if you follow them while trying to conceive.

  • It is always better to have sex in a position that exposes female cervix to semen the most. In this way sperms could easily enter the fallopian tube.
  • Also you can try putting a pillow below yourself (for woman) elevating your hips while making love. This can also be attributed to the same reason stated above.
  • Women should reach an end only after the male ejaculation finishes. By doing so, the cervix will have a pulling effect on the ejaculated semen into the cervix letting sperm in easily.

When to get pregnant:

Do you wonder how could you possibly know when the egg gets released from your ovary? You can actually use ovulation prediction kit for exact results. Otherwise you can follow the below stated tips to know by yourself.


First of all, notice your days of menstruation for at least 6 cycles. From the first day (day your menstruation ends) till the day before your next menstruation period is defined to be your menstrual cycle.


Through an example we try to help you find your window of ovulation (4 days leading to the day of ovulation).

Suppose that you have a menstrual cycle of 30 days. Now count back 18 days and mark the day (day x); similarly count back 14 days and mark the day (day y). Thus the days between day x and day y are the most fertile days.

Your body temperature is helpful in recognizing the day of ovulation provided you record it at an exact time every day (early morning). The temperature of your body is known to spike suddenly on the day. And the days before ovulation will show lower reading.

Cervical mucus is a discharge from cervix on the day the egg is ready to get fertilized. It is an egg-white colored discharge; and it is smooth.

Follow all these simple tips and know your day of ovulation.


Here are a few statistics regarding the odds of your efforts being successful. Don’t worry if these statistics tell you that you are wrong. Because we are humans and we learn from our mistakes.

According to a survey:

Frequency of sex during the fertile days                   odds of conceiving

On every day                                                                         37%

On every alternative day                                                        33%

Once a week                                                                          15%

So, do it only proper no. of times.

Another survey has to say:

It is a survey regarding the odds of your conceiving within a year.

%age of people who conceive                                     duration

20%                                                                                1 month

70%                                                                                6 months

85%                                                                                1 year

95%                                                                                2 years

You don’t have to bother. If you follow a healthy diet, have a good lifestyle and put your heart in having a baby, then you will have your baby real soon.


Don’t worry. You will never miss the day you have started carrying a life inside, particularly if you have been waiting for it to happen.

You will feel nausea, morning sickness, head-ache, fatigue and tenderness of breasts. If you have felt these, then yippee!! You have succeeded. Consult your gynecologist as soon as possible to confirm.


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