Sleeping is very important for baby or child. This allows his body to have enough rest to restore his stamina. A good quality of sleeping has an important role toward the condition of a baby. A good quality of sleeping can improve the immunity of your baby. Thus, knowing a good pattern of sleeping is very good for your baby.

The portion of sleeping for a newborn baby is around 18 hours a day. His sleeping time is also in uncertainty since his biological hours are not mature. When he is 2 months old, his sleeping pattern will move, but the time is still not unclear.

Entering his 3-6 months, the period of time that a baby will spend for nap will decrease. It is about 3 times and will decrease. In this period, in his sleeping, he will be very active. He will smile and sometimes looks nervous. Entering 6-12 months, a baby will take naps only two times. And when he almost reach 1 year old child, he will take a nap only 1 time. And the rest of it will be spent in his sleep at night. The total of time that a baby will spend for sleeping in this period is about 12-14 hours a day.

Baby sleeping is divided into two phase, active and non-active phase. This division is based on the brain’s wave of a baby. Non-active phase in a baby can be equated with non-REM to the adult and active phase is the REM phase.

For a newborn baby, 50% of his sleeping is active phase. It shows that REM phase is very important for the growing of his brain. With his increasing age, his active sleeping will decrease until he becomes adult that only 20-25 percent from his sleeping period now. In the non-active sleep, the baby will look deep sleep, quiet, and very quiet, until there is a term sleep like a baby.

Just for your information, the quality of sleeping for a bay can not be judge easily. This can be done by the help of a certain tool. To make it easier, if you can see that his eyeballs re moving when he is sleeping, this means that he is in the active phase of sleeping.

Furthermore, a baby does not have sleeping disorders. Baby’s time is the process of maturity of his biological hours. In this case, parents should give him a good habit of sleeping since he is still a little baby. Make the habit for doing activities at noon and sleeping at night.


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