Babies are hard workers too, you would not believe? In the adult world, work is too serious that it will dominate more than any family affair as priority. Parents habitually do routines and build the family year after year through years of work. It seems the child do nothing but smile, coy around, mess everywhere, eat, sleep and most of all play, play and PLAY. That is because PLAY is childs work!

Of course in the adult world, there is the existence of the word psychological incapacity. Children are excluded from it and no one bothers to even imagine. However, playing as childs work will definitely be on milestone basis. Psychologically and physiologically, babies must be given toys fit for their age in terms of motor and cognitive skills. This article will focus on what must be given to a child based on skill level and the precaution that accidents that follow after giving toys should be the utmost concern.

The following will serve as guide:


SKILL: capability to fix his eyes on objects
TOY: brightly, colored mobile with sound hanged on crib. Play toys with colors red black & white are particularly right for this age


SKILL: can hold light objects
TOYS: rattles, play gym with hanging toys, watching peoples actions


SKILL: more interested in studying his hand than handling toys
TOYS: small blocks, rattles


SKILL: has started to develop the skill of rolling over
TOYS: child must be provided with safe playpen or a sheet to roll on the floor


SKILL: ready to handle variety of objects
TOYS: squeeze toys, rattles, plastic keys, plastic rings. It is important that the objects are big enough to avoid being swallowed.


SKILL: can manage to sit on a tub
TOYS: tub toys that can be played with during bath such as rubber ducks, boats, teething ring and plastic toys.


SKILL: can transfer toys from one container to another, mobility
TOYS: rattles, blocks, brightly colored balls that roll away from him


SKILL: the capability to feel textures and distinguish from another
TOYS: prefers toys with different feels to them such as velvet, fur, smooth, rough


SKILL: can creep around and has developed balancing to lean forward and backward
TOYS: needs the experience of creeping freely, playpen, room with safety guards, pots & pans are preferred than toys, toys that fit/go inside another object


SKILLS: refined grasping of objects, claps hands, laughs out loud with company
TOYS: More interested in games rather than a toy, tends to pick up and eat anything. Safety on giving the child toxic, sharp and very small items must be given care.


SKILLS: The child is capable of cruising around with the use of chairs, low tables, walls and objects where they can reach through
TOYS: Uses few toys during this month, prefers cruising around. Boxes and chests must be checked for safety locks; medicines and other toxic substances kept away, all areas must be child-proofed in general.


SKILL: can sit down from standing position, capable of producing events like dropping of objects and repeating it again. The child is actually developing awareness of permanence.
TOYS: Putting things in and out, pull toys as part of skill of walking, listening to sounds/nursery rhymes

Parents could almost not wait for their babies to grow. It sometimes leads to getting anxious when hearing comparisons from colleagues and friends on child milestones. Each child, however, is unique in terms of development, which only an expert could determine if there is something to worry about.

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